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The assignments in this Library are available to use freely with a qualifying subscription package

The assignments have been professionally written by experts in their field and are designed to save you time and money over authoring your own training in these common areas. Each assignment in the Training Library is fully editable, so you can tailor it to your needs or use it as it comes.

Training courses on more essential topics coming soon!

Cyber Security for Charities

This cyber security course will give you a better understanding of what cyber security is and why it's important to protect your charity. It covers the main threats and what to look out for in addition to looking a... [read more]

Health & Safety - Charity Essentials

Part 1 of Health and Safety training for charities. The aim of this course is to provide you with the essential knowledge you need to understand why health and safety is important in your charity, and what you must... [read more]

Health & Safety - Hazards Awareness for Charities

Part 2 of Health & Safety training for charities. The aim of this training is to provide you with the essential knowledge to recognise the significant health and safety hazards in your workplace in order to kee... [read more]

Safeguarding Awareness for Charities

This safeguarding awareness course is suitable for all those working in, or volunteering with charities. It is also suitable for those who have completed face-to-face training previously and want to refresh their know... [read more]

UK GDPR & Data Protection - Training for Charities 2023

The aim of this course is to support charity staff and volunteers in their understanding of the latest data protection laws and their obligations to keep personal data private and secure. The training covers key el... [read more]